Yellowtail Kingfish charters Bermagui

yellowtail king
box of kingfish

Yellowtail kingfish are mainly fished for at Montague Island around 20 kilometres from Bermagui. 



The yellowtail kingfish is one of the most popular angling targets for sport fishing on the south coast of NSW.

They are voracious predators who can at times be found in large schools. Willing to strike at a variety of baits and lures, they can be caught with a variety of techniques such as trolling, live baiting, dead baits and jigging.

Multiple hookups of these fish when schooling around Montague Island can make for a memorable days fishing as every angler on board hooks onto a hard fighting kingie.

Newbie kingie fisherman are often astonished that they fish they fought so hard to land is only a small one and has to be returned to the water !

A hookup however is no guarantee of a capture as the kingfish manage to win enough of the battles leaving anglers wondering how big the fish was

The average size Yellowtail Kingfish range from 60 to 90 centimetres and any kingfish over a metre long is a fish you will have to battle long and hard to beat and is a trophy to be remembered for a long time.

Normally fished for on 30 pound (15 kg) tackle , there is a bag limit of  5 kingfish per angler.