leaping marlin
leaping marlin

Marlin fishing charters at Bermagui provides some of the most exciting marlin fishing in Australia.  The south coast of NSW Bermagui is the Striped Marlin the capital of Australia. Some of the biggest Blue Marlin ever caught in Australia caught here as well. Black Marlin of various sizes also make an appearance at times.

During the summer and autumn striped, blue and black marlin arrive on the south coast to feed on the large schools of baitfish that are found along the continental shelf and deep reefs close to Bermagui.

Striped marlin dominate the catches while the blacks and blues are here as well and a slight change in technique and location is needed to target these two larger species.

Bermagui’s safe entrance and short runs to the fishing grounds make it one of the best places to do marlin fishing charters along the south coast of New South Wales

Catching multiple striped marlin in a day and  to have double and some times triple headers of marlin hooked up simultaneously is quite common while the packs of striped marlin are found feeding along the shelf and 12 mile reef.

This is the most exciting fishing you can wish for truly challenging and spectacular fishing !

Marlin fishing charters techniques

The techniques we use is  primarily skip baits and tease and switch. The bait is mainly slimy mackerels and occasionally cowanyoung. Both are used for live baiting as well.

Fishing tackle is Shimano tiagras 30 and 50 line class reels. We also use Daiwa Saltiga spin reels for the more adventurous angler. We have started using Shimano Talicas as well and these are an amazing reel very light and incredibly powerful.

There are plenty of different marlin fishing grounds around Bermagui – the 12 mile reef , the Kink, tuross canyons , tathra canyons . These areas cover close to 50 nautical miles of NSW south coast prime fishing areas all accessible in a day trip out of Bermagui.